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Passive Royalty Income…

What is passive royalty income?

Well, royalty income is what people get that is ongoing for completing a task just once…

examples are…

  • writing a book where the author gets paid every time a book is sold, or
  • writing a song and getting paid every time a record is sold or played on the radio or T.V.
  • inventing something and being paid everytime someone buys your invention.

It goes on forever and is able to be transferred to others at any time, such as in a will to children.

Passive Royalty Income is the same except that you don’t need to invent or create something to earn the income.

This is what I am offering to you now…. PASSIVE ROYALTY INCOME!

The Gold Mailer Club development of the new plan is progressing well and I am informed that the internal wallet, which is the heartbeat of the plan, linking the waves platform to your Gold Mailer Club back office….

Should be ready for testing sometime this week!

That being the case, I want to move this forward much faster and give the developers more hours so we can launch sooner rather than later.

The only way to do this is to raise some additional capital and so this is what I am proposing….

Selling Ambassador Positions for $125 each.
These positions will be limited to a maximum of 400 and will earn Royalty Commissions every month.

Any person may purchase as many positions as they wish, but once all 400 places are gone there will never be any more sold!

Each position will receive….

  • 2,000 SAWWP Tokens with a Guaranteed Minimum Value of $0.07 each if redeemed in the Gold Mailer Club website and….
  • $0.005 for every Gold Mailer Club member once we reach the break even point of 45,000 members. I believe we will do this very fast as Hashing Ad Space, with a similar but inferior project, reached 160,000 members within 2 months!
    Heres the math…
    45,000 x $0.005 = $225 a month passive royalty income but that is just goal number 1!
    Our ultimate goal is to reach 5,000,000 members within 2 years allowing us to donate over $2,000,000 a month to charity and at this point will pay $25,000 a month for each Ambassador Position.

With or without Ambassadors we will launch the new plan for Gold Mailer Club, it will just happen faster with your help and that will benefit every member and underpriviliged children throughout the world.

This can be a blessing for you and your loved ones for years to come and I have set the level at a low $125 to allow anyone serious about creating wealth the opportunity to buy a position.

Even at 45,000 members this represents an amazing offer as it returns almost double your money back every month and the SAWWP Tokens mean that you will also have an asset worth holding, as I believe they will easily reach over $1 per token within a year. That alone would be over $2,000 for every $125 spent now.

If you want to take up this offer, act fast and either send cash to PayPal (use the send to a friend option to avoid charges and fees) or send bitcoins by clicking below….

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